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Protecting Fathersí Rights in San Jose California

If you are a father who is going through a divorce or considering a divorce, it is crucial that you consult a divorce and family law attorney who can protect your rights as a father. In the not too distant past, it was customary that the mother in any divorce would get custody of the child or children. The father would be left with mere visitation rights, if any, and would typically be expected to pay child support and often spousal support as well.

Thankfully, this situation is improving. With the help of fathers and attorneys throughout California we have seen more instances of custody being awarded to fathers and joint custody agreements that allow both parents to be involved in the upbringing of their child or children.

A father, just like a mother, plays a vital role in raising a child to be happy and healthy in mind and body. By working with a lawyer experienced in defending fathersí rights, you are taking an active step toward ensuring that you can remain involved in your childís life. You are also helping to pave the way for other fathers in the future whose rights may be challenged.

Fathersí Rights in San Jose California

At the Garry Barbadillo Law Offices, we firmly believe that fathersí rights should be protected and upheld in any contested divorce, uncontested divorce or legal separation. When a father works with a competent lawyer at our firm, he is given the benefit of the experience and passion of our entire team as we work together to defend his rights. At our firm, we understand that fathers and their children have a special relationship that should be protected. We offer our legal support and representation in order to help fathers and their children throughout San Jose and surrounding areas.

Working with an attorney regarding your divorce is something that will not only benefit you, the father. It is something that will benefit your child or children because they will have a father in their life. This rich relationship that you have with your child should not be terminated because you are going through a divorce. A divorce is the end of your adult relationship with your wife, not the end of your relationship with your children. A lawyer can help to ensure that.

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